lørdag den 18. oktober 2014

Where do I keep updated with games?

Hey guys.

Today I received a lot of questions while I was streaming on twitch.

I've answered alot of them on the stream, but one of the questions got to a quite big debate in the stream chat.

"Where do I keep updated with games and tournaments, or new upcomming games?"

And I would go to a well known site, www.ign.com. This site have been showing of some real nice reviews of games, and to the popular scale, they are almost always right.

I've been using this game to keep track of which games I wanted to try out in Beta, and which ones I would purchase with relesed. This actually saved me quite a lot of money, and I suggest anyone who likes new games, to check out ign, to get a beta before you will have to buy the game to try if its a game that you will enjoy.

There might be other sites like ign out there, and I would suggest you guys to search google.
Use related:www.ignm.com in search bar if you want related sites to ign.

If you have any further questions please send me a email at admin@fifafreaks.com and I´ll add the question in to this post.


Best regards,

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