mandag den 17. november 2014

Fifa 15 crack

Hey guys.


Recently I posted in one of my posts about a Fifa 15 crack which could be found on
but this have been changed!
Recently's coders have started a coding organisation with another website, which now releases only 100% high quality hacks/cracks. Their main gold is to achieve rankings for the best hack of every single release they make.

Here they updated the Fifa 15 crack, and made it work without any lags at all!
There are no fps drops or what so ever. And best thing is that the Fifa 15 online multi player works like a charm!

You can go to to download the newest working Fifa 15 crack, which will make you enjoy your time playing Fifa.

søndag den 19. oktober 2014

Did I get a beta for Fifa 15?

Hey guys.
Yesterday I did drag in a question from my stream, which get a lot of responses.
One of them sound on if I tried a Fifa 15 beta, and the answer is simply no.

However one of my friends refered me to a site called This site contains some of the best coders online, which all have experience from previous sites.
So I tried out their Fifa 15 Crack, and actually got surprised.

The Fifa 15 crack from GamingOrbit was working perfectly within 5 minutes, and even the multiplayer function is working, however it has 1 "bug. Before entering multiplayer, it drags you through a small que. Did take me 2 minutes to get to the multi player.

However, I normally do not support cracks, but this one surprised me positive, and therefor Im sharing this with you.

If you guys have any further questions, please email me,

Link to Fifa -
Best regards,

lørdag den 18. oktober 2014

Where do I keep updated with games?

Hey guys.

Today I received a lot of questions while I was streaming on twitch.

I've answered alot of them on the stream, but one of the questions got to a quite big debate in the stream chat.

"Where do I keep updated with games and tournaments, or new upcomming games?"

And I would go to a well known site, This site have been showing of some real nice reviews of games, and to the popular scale, they are almost always right.

I've been using this game to keep track of which games I wanted to try out in Beta, and which ones I would purchase with relesed. This actually saved me quite a lot of money, and I suggest anyone who likes new games, to check out ign, to get a beta before you will have to buy the game to try if its a game that you will enjoy.

There might be other sites like ign out there, and I would suggest you guys to search google.
Use in search bar if you want related sites to ign.

If you have any further questions please send me a email at and I´ll add the question in to this post.

Best regards,

Fifa Tournament infomation

Hey Guys.
As promised I will be holding a little private tournament for the viewers here.

The tourney will be open for 64 teams, and will be put in brackets.
This will be double elimination, and therefor you will end in a loser bracket when you lose your first match.

This is how the brackets will look like. However this is only a 4 team tournament.

This is a 2v2 tournament, and therefore you will need to be 2 players on your team to participate in this Fifa tournament.

Later there will be a 1v1 tournament.

To partipcate please send a email to with following informations:
Email subject: Fifa 15 tournament signup
Team Name:
Player 1 ID:
Player 2ID:
Total play time:
Which region are you playing in:

Once these have been sent, I´ll take the first 64 teams who signed up and send a email regarding when the tournament will be hold. This will run over 2 days in 2 weekends. So everyone can join!

For any questions, please email me at with email subject: Fifa 15 tournament question.

Best regards,

Fifa night

Hey guys.

Recently I had my friends comming over for a night with a couple of beers and some Fifa. 
We played 2v2 matches, and made a small little 1v1 tourney with some online guys. 
We ended up being in a bracket with no less than 32 participants for this turney. 
But the matches got harder the longer time it took, since we were drinking bear, and lost focus.

 However we did plan to step up in Fifa, so we quited the drinking and joined 2x 2v2 Fifa turney (We had two playstations). here it goes! We started off against "Team WinSquad", and won 2-1, next match was against "Last Stand" which we won fairly easy. 4-0 was the score at the end. 

Anyway, we ended in the finale here, and the second team at my place ended #7. In the final we lost to a fairly good team, which had been practicing alot together. but we came out with the result 3-2, which Im quite satisfied with. 

 I will probably be posting next time my friends come over, and we will be hosting another tourney for just the viewers of my blogs around different sites. So stay tuned :)