lørdag den 18. oktober 2014

Fifa night

Hey guys.

Recently I had my friends comming over for a night with a couple of beers and some Fifa. 
We played 2v2 matches, and made a small little 1v1 tourney with some online guys. 
We ended up being in a bracket with no less than 32 participants for this turney. 
But the matches got harder the longer time it took, since we were drinking bear, and lost focus.

 However we did plan to step up in Fifa, so we quited the drinking and joined 2x 2v2 Fifa turney (We had two playstations). here it goes! We started off against "Team WinSquad", and won 2-1, next match was against "Last Stand" which we won fairly easy. 4-0 was the score at the end. 

Anyway, we ended in the finale here, and the second team at my place ended #7. In the final we lost to a fairly good team, which had been practicing alot together. but we came out with the result 3-2, which Im quite satisfied with. 

 I will probably be posting next time my friends come over, and we will be hosting another tourney for just the viewers of my blogs around different sites. So stay tuned :)

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