søndag den 19. oktober 2014

Did I get a beta for Fifa 15?

Hey guys.
Yesterday I did drag in a question from my stream, which get a lot of responses.
One of them sound on if I tried a Fifa 15 beta, and the answer is simply no.

However one of my friends refered me to a site called Hack-Planet.com. This site contains some of the best coders online, which all have experience from previous sites.
So I tried out their Fifa 15 Crack, and actually got surprised.

The Fifa 15 crack from GamingOrbit was working perfectly within 5 minutes, and even the multiplayer function is working, however it has 1 "bug. Before entering multiplayer, it drags you through a small que. Did take me 2 minutes to get to the multi player.

However, I normally do not support cracks, but this one surprised me positive, and therefor Im sharing this with you.

If you guys have any further questions, please email me, admin@fifafreaks.com

Link to Hack-Planet.com Fifa - http://fifa.hack-planet.com/
Best regards,

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